Why did we do it?

India is largely an agrarian economy with 55% of Indians today engaged in farming and contributing to about 17% of GDP. Farmers are under stress due to falling margins and rising input prices.
Another cause for poor farm income, is an archaic supply chain dominated by middlemen, called ‘Arthis’, who charge extravagant commissions. This has led to farmers getting a fraction of what the end-consumer pays for farm products.

About the Project & Goals

Kisan is my initiative at providing a better supply chain to the farmers by cutting out the middlemen.
My goal is to achieve the following with my project
i) Providing more avenues and regular farm income
ii) To empower small and marginal farmers by increasing their income substantially and transforming them into entrepreneurs.

Video of the project

What we did?

I collaborated with the Farmer Producer Organizations (FPO) in two cities, Secunderabad and Bengaluru and organized spot markets. Through these FPOs, farmers are allowed to bypass the present supply chain.

Impact Created

    To conclude with, the initiative achieved a ripple effect:
  • Economic Benefits
    • Engaged 48 farmers and helped them earn a revenue of 2.8x.
    • Eliminated Arthi commission and market access tax (mandi tax).
  • Social Benefits
    • Eliminated engagement with middlemen.
    • Farmers are more aware of marketing platforms and government's agricultural initiatives.
    • Empower women and promote girl child education.
  • Environmental Benefits
    • Encouraged organic farming.
    • 3% of farmers are currently engaged in organic practices.