Digital Literacy Mentorship Program

Siree in association with Little Angels Study Center

Why did we do it?

The world today is governed by technology. Getting an early start can improve one's understanding of how our connected world works and helps one make more informed decisions. This is our initiative in promoting Women in Technology.
Literature examining the impact of women in the workplace — specifically women collaborating on teams and in leadership roles — demonstrates the need for and impact of having more women in technology. Greater gender diversity in technology can impact businesses’ bottom lines and promote fairness across genders.
We believe in providing equal opportunity for all and this is our part in doing the same.

What we did

This was yet another successful series of mentoring Changemakers to create extraordinary impact in their communities.
With this project we aim to engage youth especially young women in the field of technology. The session was on the basics of web development, wherein we taught how to build a website from scratch.
The two sessions took place on the 19th and the 26th of December 2020 respectively and it went on for more than 2 hours per session with immense outreach and learning! Selected students from grade 4 to grade 12 were present in the session from the Little Angel Study Center in Phillipines
My humble thanks to Cris, for joining hands to be part of this!

The first session invited 30 participants, aged 10-24 years old, taught by 5 mentors from Siree
We started off the session by introducing the respective mentors, facilitators and organisations and the agenda for the day. Moved into breakout rooms of 4 with 7 people in each room respectively, had an interactive session on website building. In the end we convened back in the main meeting to close the session on feedback from both mentors and facilitators and a fun social media pictures!
We had two back to back sessions -- in the first session we covered the basics of HTML and the starting tags.

First Session
We covered the html, head, title, body, header, paragraph tags.

Second Session
We covered the ordered, unordered lists, table tags and CSS
Each of the students made a starter website and shared that on social media.

Our Team


Yamilli Prasad


Madhu Vemana


Rohit Kumar


Akash Navani


Kavesh Pandit


Aashray Bhandari


Video of the session

A couple more snaps